Scientific Board

  • Dr. Mike Dorrell
  • Dr. R. P. Metzger
  • Dr. M. Philpott
  • Dr. D. F. Shellhammer
  • Dr. F. Weber

  • Dr. M. Dorrell


    Dr. Mike Dorrell is a professor of biology at Point Loma Nazarene University where he teaches Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Developmental Biology, Research Methods, and various other courses. Dr. Dorrell also leads undergraduates in research, full-time during the summer and guides several projects throughout the academic year.

    Dr. Dorrell’s lab currently studies methods of treating cancer that avoids the side effects associated with most current treatment modalities. This includes studying combination therapies to block tumor angiogenesis, thus starving the tumors, and identifying novel methods of targeting delivery of chemotherapy directly to the tumor.

    Dr. Dorrell also works closely with other institutions to study degenerative eye diseases, attempting to identify the underlying causes of, and treatments for, various diseases that result in loss of vision.

    In Details:

    • 2013 - present: Senior staff scientist and consultant at the Lowy Medical Research Institute
    • 2009 - present: Professor of Biology at Point Loma Nazarene University
    • 2003 - 2009: Postdoctoral fellowship at The Scripps Research Institute
    • 2003: PhD at The Scripps Research Institute
    • Research lab director (PLNU) studying cancer and degenerative eye diseases
    • Scientist / consultant for several other companies over the past decade