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LuminaQuest Technologies Inc. was conceived and incorporated by Mr. Gustav Hudson in 2011. It serves as the means to foster research on and deployment of Mr. Hudson's own independently researched and developed, patent-pending and proprietary, low energy laser spectroscopy (LELS) technology.

LELS began as a quest to devise a gentle method for medical-oncology providing in-vivo, in situ, tissue specimen analysis. The spectroscopy method uses quantum entanglement of particles to irradiate the target specimen.

LuminaQuest Technologies Inc. is the exclusive licensor for the patent-pending LELS method and its derived applications.

Whether your interests are in oncology, medical R&D, pure scientific research, pharmaceutical/industrial QA, field-based spectroscopic assay, or the myriad potential applications of LELS, you should engage LuminaQuest Technologies.

LuminaQuest also welcomes business investment and, with it, the opportunity to share in LuminaQuest's Mission to bring this exciting technology into world-wide usage.