Scientific Board

  • Dr. M. Dorrell
  • Dr. Robert P. Metzger
  • Dr. M. Philpott
  • Dr. D. F. Shellhammer
  • Dr. F. Weber

  • Dr. R.P. Metzger


    Dr. Metzger's research interests currently comprise the enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism, diabetes mellitus, Maillard or 'protein browning' reactions and natural products, especially terpenes, peptides and polysaccharides.

    Dr. Metzger is LuminaQuest Technologies' Vice-President for Scientific Affairs.

    Selected Publications:

    • C. A. Ng, W. Zhao, J. Dang, M. Bergdahl, F. Separovic, R. T. C. Brownlee, and R. P. Metzger, "The Conformation of Acetylated Virginiamycin M1 and Virginiamycin M1 in Explicit Solvents." Biochem. Biophys. Acta 1774, 2006 610-618.
    • R. P. Metzger, "Thoughts on the teaching of metabolism," Biochem. Molec. Bio. Educ. 34, 2006 78-87.
    • J. Dang, R. P. Metzger, R.T.C. Brownlee, C. A. Ng, M. Bergdahl and F. Separovic, "The conformational flexibility of the antibiotic Virginiamycin M1," Eur. Biophys. J. 34, 2005 383-388.
    • J. L. Lord, A. de Peyster, P. J. E. Quintana, and R. P. Metzger, "Cytotoxicity of Xanthopterin and Isoxanthopterin in MCF-7 Cells," Cancer Lett. 222, 2005 119-124.
    • J. Dang, F. Separovic, B. M. Bergdahl, R. T. C. Brownlee and R. P. Metzger, "Solvent Affects the Conformation of Virginiamycin M1 (Pristinamycin IIA, Streptogramin A)," Org. Biomol. Chem. 2, 2004 2919-2924.
    • J. Dang; B.M. Bergdahl; F. Separovic; R.T.C. Brownlee; R.P. Metzger, "Virginiamycin M1 Conformation in Solution Differs From the Form Bound to the 50S Ribosome and to Streptogramin Acetyltransferase," Aust. J. Chem. 2004 415.
    • D.F. Shellhamer, O. Sharts, V.S. Gorelik, et al., "Applications of quantitative pulsed laser isochronic Raman spectrometer detection of carbon-fluorine bonds in gases, solids, suspensions, and solutions," Am. Lab. Suppl. 2002 32.