• G. O. Hudson, Founder & CEO
  • M. L. (Lisa) Hudson, President
  • Management
  • G. J. Mullen, Brand & Image

  • Ms. M. L. Hudson


    Ms. Hudson is an extremely gifted, discerning and insightful writer and researcher.
    In her capacity as VP for Orion Air and G.O. Aviation, she prepared and sealed contracts with such corporations as American Airlines, TWA and Hughes Air West. Later, she produced all contracts for Empire Resources and Hudson Construction.
    She is highly accomplished in technical writing, market research and scientific research in the fields of chemistry and physics.
    Ms. Hudson's principle interests pertain to her long-standing support of LuminaQuest Technologies through pertinent literature and data review - fundamental to the forward momentum of our corporation.

    In Details:

    • 2011–Present: President, LuminaQuest Technologies Inc.
    • 2009–Present: Writer and researcher in sciences and physics
    • 1983–2004: Office Manager in construction and contracting
    • 1974–1979: Vice President, Orion Air and G.O. Aviation, Tucson International Airport