The LELS Technology

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In Details:

The LuminaQuest LELS technology makes today's tools obsolete.

Further, the exciting results of LELS permit unifying fields of inquiry across a broad spectrum of physical sciences.

  • The method displays extreme sensitivity and noiseless spectra,
  • The quantum energy emission and collection method analyses and quantifies the composition of solids, liquids and gasses,
  • This method benefits from a +/-600% extended laser convergence,
  • The LELS method shows an empirically proven temporal delay in spectroscopic display,
  • LELS uses a single strand, fibre optic cable for both emission to, and remission from an irradiated target specimen,
  • The single strand, LELS probe may be adapted for multiple array, same time sampling.

LELS is far ahead of its time. Its applications for biological, chemical and mineral assay are universal to scientific research, physics, industry and commerce.

  • Oncology: Sterile, disposable bio-probe with extended convergence permits tissue sampling without penetrating target tissue.
  • Pharmacology: Spot or multi-sampling for quality assurance - no tablet preparation and permits assay through blister packaging.
  • Bio-Medical/Chemical: On-site, immediate assay with FDA pre-approved labels and markers.
  • Physics: The unique properties and results of LELS exceed current levels of practical knowledge in particle, nuclear and astrophysics.
  • Computing and Communications: LELS presents non-decoherent and unlimited storage possibilities.
  • Mineralogy: Immediate, on-site sampling for target chemical/mineral content.
  • Across Industries: Vast time, cost and person-hours saved due to highly accurate, same-time readout even over multiple-arrays.