Scientific Board

  • Dr. M. Dorrell
  • Dr. R. P. Metzger
  • Dr. M. Philpott
  • Dr. D. F. Shellhammer
  • Dr. Fridolin Weber

  • Dr. F. Weber


  • Ph.D. habil., Theoretical Astrophysics, (Munich, 1992)
  • Ph.D., Theoretical Nuclear Physics, (Munich, 1985)

  • Dr. Weber is a professor at San Diego State University, having joined its Physics department in 2003. He is the recipient of numerous fellowships and awards, including two Department of Energy (DOE) research awards (2001, 2002) and a National Science Research Award in 2009. Additionally, he has been recognized twice by San Diego State University for his outstanding contributions. He serves as a referee for more than 25 academic journals and international funding agencies.

    Selected Publications:

    Among 3 published books, more than 150 professional journal publications and 250 presentations to academic audiences, Dr. Weber recommends the following of his contributions to theoretical physics. Two of these, "Strange Quark Matter" and "The Cooling of Compact Stars", were the most cited in the field for the year following publication.

    • F. Weber, “Pulsars as Astrophysical Laboratories for Nuclear and Particle Physics,” 682 pages, Studies in High Energy Physics, Cosmology and Gravitation, Institute of Physics Publishing Corporation, Bristol, Great Britain, 1999.
    • F. Weber, Strange Quark Matter and Compact Stars, Progress in Nuclear and Particle Physics 54 (2005) 193-288.
    • D. Page, U. Geppert and F. Weber, “The Cooling of Compact Stars” NPA 777 (2006) 497-530.
    • Blaschke, H. Grigorian, D. N. Voskresensky, and F. Weber, “On the Rapid Cooling of the Neutron Star in Cassiopeia A,” PRC 85 (2012) 022802.